The art of Pinterest

Pinterest for Classes?

“Discuss the likelihood of you using a tool such as Pinterest in your classroom. What motivation might you have to use a tool such as this?”

From an arts/design classroom perspective, Pinterest is actually a good tool for creatives. … read more

The Scientific Method

How can the scientific method meet the goals of education?

Beyond the scientific method, what other teaching techniques can teacher’s use to help student’s process information effectively and efficiently?


To sum it up briefly, the scientific method can … read more

Thought Paper 1: Behaviourism

Is behaviorism not as useful for describing the mechanics of learning, as it is for the application of classroom management techniques?

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Image source: “Angry Face” by Ryan Hyde is licensed under CC BY read more

Prescriptions, Attachments, Emotions

People approach objects of technology from different perspectives and learned prescriptions. We have certain ways of organizing our thoughts about what technology can and should be used for. Some of this perspective is learned, some ingrained with use and … read more

Online Learning Theory

Does learning need to be all of: community-centered, knowledge-centered, learner-centered, and assessment-centered for effective learning to occur. In other words are each of these characteristics weighted equally in their impact on effective learning?

First, I tend to agree with … read more

Situated Learning & Constructivism

What is ‘knowledge’ from a Situated Learning perspective? How does this compare with knowledge from a Constructivist perspective (described by von Glasersfeld, 2008).

In Situated Learning, learners “co-produce knowledge through activity” that occurs in the same environment in which read more