Gaming is Serious Play

What is it about video games that’s so appealing? From a phenomenological standpoint I think primarily of the subjective experience. Even when playing an old game like Donkey Kong for example, engagement is created through the complete control a … read more


Synchronous & Asynchronous Communications

Since my Moodle course is a geared towards post-secondary students of design and dynamic media, I decided to add an activity that would fit with the curriculum I’ve been roughing in. The class is structured as an online companion … read more


Ideating With Icons

TrinhThis week’s instructional design scenario kicked me into icon-ideation mode. In the spirit of nerdity I thought I’d share my approach:


This was a complex problem with multiple factors. I’ve been taught that whenever there’s a large or messy … read more

What Should Trihn Do?

Trinh’s committed to delivering learner-centred courses, whether taught F2F, online or blended. But this course – and its over 150 student enrolments – is challenging for her to manage. There are no resources for hiring a teaching assistant or another

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Hijacking Moodle Layout

Hijacking the Moodle Layout

After my initial Moodle frustration, since part of my flightpath deals with exploring, pushing and manipulating LMS frameworks to do things that aren’t necessarily a ‘typical’ use scenario, I spent a little time hijacking the normal course layout.

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Moodle Introductory Module

Moodle Introductory Module Assignment:
For this assignment you will create a Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) online course site  introductory module. Overall quality of work, as per the overall standards listed above. A significant component of your score on this

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Screaming Goat

Initial Moodle Impressions

Okay, I’ll admit that my initial experience with the Moodle back-end creating a Moodle install and setting up a course from scratch was a bit frustrating. I did this on my own hosting provider/server with the idea that I’d … read more

Framework Organizer

Ive realized that I’m a visual representations kind of girl… more specifically I’m a big believer in visual organizers. Why? We’ve been provided a number of key and important frameworks that I want to be able to return to … read more

Examining Historical Images

There are several challenges that may be faced in the examination and analysis of historical images. Having a firm grasp of some of these factors can evidently help strengthen these skills. This weeks photo analysis activity revealed the following … read more

Have to do a critique, not sure how to handle it?

Criticism vs. Critique

After four years of daily critique during my undergrad I know how beneficial the process can be for opening up different perspectives and ways of thinking.  I prefer the term critique to criticism (or constructive criticism) as … read more