Littlebits Power Pitch

This week we were tasked with finding an educational product pitch that would draw the attention of our peers. Below is a pitch from Ayah Bdeir the designer of LittleBits. Peers were asked, trying on the shoes of the

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Papyrus to Cyberspace & Perplexity

From Papyrus to cyberspace (1999) plunges into an interesting discussion between James O’Donnell and James Engell about the evolution of text technologies and their influence on reading, writing, knowledge and communication. Quickly made clear, is the idea that technology … read more

Subverting the Prescription

I really enjoyed the review of Daito Manabe’s work as it made novel and interesting parallels to my desire to connect post-secondary design with education technology. His work inevitably stimulates inquiry as he appears to represent the real and the … read more

Crowd-sourcing in the 1800’s

So why look to the past to find insights towards moving forward with reading writing and literacy in the future? One example that’s interesting to think of is the development of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), a massive crowd-sourcing … read more