Google Docs Explained

Google Docs – Explained in Plain English

A great video for explaining the purpose behind Google Docs and the notion of why the Cloud is so incredibly useful!

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WordPress – Admin Dashboard

So you’ve got a new WordPress site, now what?


  1. This post does not cover how to install or set up WordPress (WP). Instead this assumes your site is already set up, and you have full administrator privileges.
  2. There’s a
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Google Docs – Creating your first Doc

A useful Youtube video for help getting started with creating your first Google Document (Doc) and other document basics:

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Google Tips & Tuts

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Adobe Software – What to use for Graphic Design?

So you’ve purchased Adobe Suite or Creative Cloud for graphics… now what?

At first it can be hard to figure out what each shiny new program is meant to do. It’s a bit dizzying really. So do you use Photoshop

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Google Docs – Power User Collaboration

Ever wonder how to get started on a group project in Google Docs when everyone lives in different time zones?
Here are some useful tips:

1Insert > Table…  Ceate an introduction activity!
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