Augmented Reality + DIY

What creative, unconventional, dynamic and engaging application of augmented reality can you envision?


couldn’t resist relating the possibilities of augmented reality to DIY learning. For example, imagine cooking a meal with augmented reality, where your AR device recognizes the task you are about to do (presuming in the future that AR can recognize more than static images) and your AR device brings then up information on how you can learn to improve your skills. EG. Your Google glasses recognize that you’re about to chop a vegetable, visuals pop up that allow you to learn how to chop like a pro…. or saute, marinade and bake to perfection.

Now imagine this same interaction happening the first time you learn to do laundry, pick up a guitar, open the hood of a car, take apart a laptop… the list is endless! What an exciting exploration of just-in-time knowledge it could be.

Image source: Giuseppe Costantino (2013). Google-glass-12. [Image file]. Retrieved from Flickr under CC by SA 2.0.

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