I is for Interaction

As a designer trying to gain a better pedagogical understanding to support both teaching and design, my response pulls to design practice. The Interactivity aspect of the Bates and Poole (2003) SECTIONS framework relates very heavily to what I … read more

Is Striving for Balance Imbalanced?

Consider what Anderson means when he describes the attributes of learning in terms of being learner, knowledge-, assessment- and community-centred.

Figure 2-3 Educational Interactions (Anderson, 2008)

Figure 2-3 Educational Interactions (Anderson, 2008)


After reading several peer posts pertaining to the idea of practicing a … read more


Gaming is Serious Play

What is it about video games that’s so appealing? From a phenomenological standpoint I think primarily of the subjective experience. Even when playing an old game like Donkey Kong for example, engagement is created through the complete control a … read more

knowledge building

Knowledge building construct

What is unique and educationally significant, about the “knowledge-building” construct?

The educational significance of the knowledge-building construct for me holds the implication of a progressive paradigm shift; one that if successful on a large scale, could (is?) greatly change(ing?) … read more


Virtualization Old and New Methods

I had a hard time choosing which resource to evaluate since minecraftEDU has the most to offer in terms of engagement and collaboration. Gamification and virtualization are wonderful tools when applied to the right contexts, however I realized that these … read more