ETEC 511 Scholarly Essay

With mobile devices becoming a ubiquitous and commonplace occurrence they increasingly turn up in classrooms. Numerous policies have been implemented to regulate the possession and use of these devices and these policies vary by district and institutional level. Notably, … read more

Multimedia Case Study

Experimenting with new software and web based services comes with the territory if you’re an EdTech professional. Timeline-based software is of particular interest in relation to case-based reasoning (CBR) and case-based learning (CBL) units. They offer tools to digitally … read more

Relationships with Tech

What kinds of relationships are appropriate with machines? How are our answers to this changing?

Coming from a background in industrial and interaction design I have studied the nature of objects quite intensively, but until now had not fully … read more

Boundary Breakdowns, Man/Machine

Iwas captured by the notion of cyborg and after reviewing this week’s assigned video and Haraway’s (1991) A Cyborg Manifesto. I found myself agreeing with the notion of blurring boundaries. Of particular interest to me, is the boundary blurring … read more

Prescriptions, Attachments, Emotions

People approach objects of technology from different perspectives and learned prescriptions. We have certain ways of organizing our thoughts about what technology can and should be used for. Some of this perspective is learned, some ingrained with use and … read more