Digital Story

Story Assignment:

A complex digital story, educational in nature, using one of a range social media. Your story must:

●  Meet the overall quality of work standards listed above
●  Be educational
●  Be a story–not a digital lesson or

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Course design

Moodle Course Site

Course Site Assignment:

Create a Moodle online course site module and overall site components:

  • Overall quality of work, as per the overall standards listed above. A significant component of your score on this assignment relates to the caliber of your
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Shifting from Consumer to Producer

There’s something powerful that occurs when people shift from being content consumers to content creators in the public sphere. Suddenly you’re the creator of intellectual property, you’re a digital citizen, and you have a responsibility and an accountability.

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Demo Moodle Course

The link on this page will lead to a theoretical demo design course created in Moodle. It is created as a mockup of a post secondary type course inspired by my undergrad experience at ECU. The material featured is … read more

Simple Custom Moodle Theme

As a 565A course assignment I was given the opportunity to design various aspects of a course using closed access to Moodle hosted by UBC. This obviously limited the amount of control we had over our environment. To extend … read more


Synchronous & Asynchronous Communications

Since my Moodle course is a geared towards post-secondary students of design and dynamic media, I decided to add an activity that would fit with the curriculum I’ve been roughing in. The class is structured as an online companion … read more


Ideating With Icons

TrinhThis week’s instructional design scenario kicked me into icon-ideation mode. In the spirit of nerdity I thought I’d share my approach:


This was a complex problem with multiple factors. I’ve been taught that whenever there’s a large or messy … read more

What Should Trihn Do?

Trinh’s committed to delivering learner-centred courses, whether taught F2F, online or blended. But this course – and its over 150 student enrolments – is challenging for her to manage. There are no resources for hiring a teaching assistant or another

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Hijacking Moodle Layout

Hijacking the Moodle Layout

After my initial Moodle frustration, since part of my flightpath deals with exploring, pushing and manipulating LMS frameworks to do things that aren’t necessarily a ‘typical’ use scenario, I spent a little time hijacking the normal course layout.

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Moodle Introductory Module

Moodle Introductory Module Assignment:
For this assignment you will create a Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) online course site  introductory module. Overall quality of work, as per the overall standards listed above. A significant component of your score on this

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