Screaming Goat

Initial Moodle Impressions

Okay, I’ll admit that my initial experience with the Moodle back-end creating a Moodle install and setting up a course from scratch was a bit frustrating. I did this on my own hosting provider/server with the idea that I’d … read more

Framework Organizer

Ive realized that I’m a visual representations kind of girl… more specifically I’m a big believer in visual organizers. Why? We’ve been provided a number of key and important frameworks that I want to be able to return to … read more


Computerized Assessment


Complete an exam or quiz for your LMS course site, reflecting a variety of question types and assessment strategies, and built within Moodle’s quiz tool. Your quiz must have 10 questions. You will be assessed based on creating:


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Riddle me this

Riddle Me This?

The questions posed this week got me thinking about riddles because they were both curious and challenging. One key difference here is that riddles are usually designed to have one right answer. In the case of situational choices for … read more


Flight Path Assignment:

Write a proposed flight path during ETEC 565A. Tell us a bit about yourself, your experience, and your goals for this course (or, perhaps, the MET). Explain what you want to learn about Learning Management Systems (LMS),

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