Examining Historical Images

There are several challenges that may be faced in the examination and analysis of historical images. Having a firm grasp of some of these factors can evidently help strengthen these skills. This weeks photo analysis activity revealed the following … read more

Challenges of Design Research

Design research is frequently misunderstood or viewed as lacking in value. Why? It’s odd, considering that design can drive innovation. I can give you a perfect example:

This week my EdTech cohort was asked to read the research article: … read more

Research Question Practice

Writing good research questions takes practice

This week we were charged with the task of composing two very basic research questions. One area of interest for me is the development of new blended learning tools and platforms for students … read more

Neil Conway. (2011). Research. [Image File]. Retrieved from https://flic.kr/p/9z8dWi under CC by 2.0 license.

What is Good Research?

It’s easy to list what constitutes good research in relation to the methodology we are most familiar with. In fact, my initial reflex was to list off the qualities of good scientific research. There does however exist a continuum … read more