Coffee break doodles & digi-ponderings

A doodle representing student attitudes towards the use of Moodle for blended arts/design classroom learning following a survey at an arts & design institution. The endless scroll format and lack of new media tools/service integration can make it feel irrelevant. It doesn’t have to be this way.

In the digital age, the walls of the institution may no longer contain learning and knowledge, particularly with the emergence of DIY movements Open Education Resources (OERs) and open-content. Knowledge building is a social process, how can institutions support open resources?

What does information overload look like in the digital age? How important is familiarity with (or memorization of) information in an age where information access is at our fingertips? Is it good or bad that we sometimes prioritize access over content when we think we will always have access to certain types of information?

The selection and implementation of learning management systems (LMS) and environments presents a difficult choice to meet the needs of many different stakeholders. Planning and reshaping content for different environments can be equally challenging.

Thinking about open vs closed, or linear vs non-linear. Originally created to communicate the dichotomy between aesthetic vs function, this image is now licensed CC BY-NC-SA , creative commons non-commercial use with attribution entitled “Dichotomy.”

How the rigid, overly-linear or text-focused application of technology makes creatives feel with regard to LMS/CMS use in post-secondary education.

How technology application and use in blended teaching and learning environments should make one feel.