Simple Custom Moodle Theme

As a 565A course assignment I was given the opportunity to design various aspects of a course using closed access to Moodle hosted by UBC. This obviously limited the amount of control we had over our environment. To extend my learning I decided to create my own self-hosted Moodle install where I could have full super-admin access to config and tinker. My goal (based on a very limited time frame) was to create a very basic and clean custom theme without all of the default clutter and modules, just to see how hard it is to create or customize a theme. I wanted to play with the idea of creating a more modern website style look/feel instead of using its normal ‘endless scroll’ layout. The following is just an initial stab at this that didn’t get very far, but interesting nonetheless.

You may log into the course as a visitor and take a look around using:

[Sorry, this resource has been retired!]

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