Situated Learning & Constructivism

What is ‘knowledge’ from a Situated Learning perspective? How does this compare with knowledge from a Constructivist perspective (described by von Glasersfeld, 2008).

In Situated Learning, learners “co-produce knowledge through activity” that occurs in the same environment in which read more

Online Learning Theory

Does learning need to be all of: community-centered, knowledge-centered, learner-centered, and assessment-centered for effective learning to occur. In other words are each of these characteristics weighted equally in their impact on effective learning?

First, I tend to agree with … read more

Prescriptions, Attachments, Emotions

People approach objects of technology from different perspectives and learned prescriptions. We have certain ways of organizing our thoughts about what technology can and should be used for. Some of this perspective is learned, some ingrained with use and … read more

Thought Paper 1: Behaviourism

Is behaviorism not as useful for describing the mechanics of learning, as it is for the application of classroom management techniques?

[gview file=”” height=”500px” width=”100%” save=”1″ cache=”0″]

Image source: “Angry Face” by Ryan Hyde is licensed under CC BY read more

The Scientific Method

How can the scientific method meet the goals of education?

Beyond the scientific method, what other teaching techniques can teacher’s use to help student’s process information effectively and efficiently?

To sum it up briefly, the scientific method can … read more

The art of Pinterest

Pinterest for Classes?

“Discuss the likelihood of you using a tool such as Pinterest in your classroom. What motivation might you have to use a tool such as this?”

From an arts/design classroom perspective, Pinterest is actually a good tool for creatives. … read more

Not a Learning Theory

This week’s discussion questions seemed to center around finding a viable strategy with regards to applying educational neuroscience. They asked us to consider as teachers, how we might evaluate and approach this in certain situations, within certain parameters. We … read more

Boundary Breakdowns, Man/Machine

Iwas captured by the notion of cyborg and after reviewing this week’s assigned video and Haraway’s (1991) A Cyborg Manifesto. I found myself agreeing with the notion of blurring boundaries. Of particular interest to me, is the boundary blurring … read more

Thought Paper 2: Neuroscience

Should the contemporary role of ‘teacher’ today be ‘scientist-practitioner’ through cross-training in neuroscience? Would this empower teachers?

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Image source: “Haley’s neuron tattoo” by Andra MIhali is licensed under CC BY SA 2.0read more

Drill & Practice vs Strategic Learning

After reading the review of work in this area, would you encourage a ‘drill & practice’ approach to learning math, or more of a conceptual strategic-based approach? Why or why not?

Both approaches have merits and uses in different … read more

Relationships with Tech

What kinds of relationships are appropriate with machines? How are our answers to this changing?

Coming from a background in industrial and interaction design I have studied the nature of objects quite intensively, but until now had not fully … read more

Cognitive Consequences

The experiments reported in the article by Sparrow, Liu, and Wegner (2011) mostly dealt with somewhat superficial instructions and data. Describe transactive memory from a neurological perspective.

From a neurological perspective, transactive memory is a system in which groups … read more

Piaget vs Vygotsky

Compare and contrast Piaget and Vygotsky’s theory and implications for teaching and learning

Piaget’s Genetic Epistemology – Implications for teaching and learning:

  • Heirarchal stages
  • Stages develop on their own
  • Maturation + experience
  • Child is more independent
  • How learner interacts
read more

Augmented Reality + DIY

What creative, unconventional, dynamic and engaging application of augmented reality can you envision?


couldn’t resist relating the possibilities of augmented reality to DIY learning. For example, imagine cooking a meal with augmented reality, where your AR device recognizes the … read more

Information Processing

In weeks twelve and thirteen we were each charged with the task of completing a brief peer presentation on a different learning theory. I opted for information processing grounded in early educational theory since I’ve studied contemporary composites models … read more

Multimedia Case Study

Experimenting with new software and web based services comes with the territory if you’re an EdTech professional. Timeline-based software is of particular interest in relation to case-based reasoning (CBR) and case-based learning (CBL) units. They offer tools to digitally … read more

ETEC 511 Scholarly Essay

With mobile devices becoming a ubiquitous and commonplace occurrence they increasingly turn up in classrooms. Numerous policies have been implemented to regulate the possession and use of these devices and these policies vary by district and institutional level. Notably, … read more


Flight Path Assignment:

Write a proposed flight path during ETEC 565A. Tell us a bit about yourself, your experience, and your goals for this course (or, perhaps, the MET). Explain what you want to learn about Learning Management Systems (LMS),

read more
Neil Conway. (2011). Research. [Image File]. Retrieved from under CC by 2.0 license.

What is Good Research?

It’s easy to list what constitutes good research in relation to the methodology we are most familiar with. In fact, my initial reflex was to list off the qualities of good scientific research. There does however exist a continuum … read more

Research Question Practice

Writing good research questions takes practice

This week we were charged with the task of composing two very basic research questions. One area of interest for me is the development of new blended learning tools and platforms for students … read more


Virtualization Old and New Methods

I had a hard time choosing which resource to evaluate since minecraftEDU has the most to offer in terms of engagement and collaboration. Gamification and virtualization are wonderful tools when applied to the right contexts, however I realized that these … read more

Riddle me this

Riddle Me This?

The questions posed this week got me thinking about riddles because they were both curious and challenging. One key difference here is that riddles are usually designed to have one right answer. In the case of situational choices for … read more

Challenges of Design Research

Design research is frequently misunderstood or viewed as lacking in value. Why? It’s odd, considering that design can drive innovation. I can give you a perfect example:

This week my EdTech cohort was asked to read the research article: … read more


Computerized Assessment


Complete an exam or quiz for your LMS course site, reflecting a variety of question types and assessment strategies, and built within Moodle’s quiz tool. Your quiz must have 10 questions. You will be assessed based on creating:


read more
knowledge building

Knowledge building construct

What is unique and educationally significant, about the “knowledge-building” construct?

The educational significance of the knowledge-building construct for me holds the implication of a progressive paradigm shift; one that if successful on a large scale, could (is?) greatly change(ing?) … read more

Examining Historical Images

There are several challenges that may be faced in the examination and analysis of historical images. Having a firm grasp of some of these factors can evidently help strengthen these skills. This weeks photo analysis activity revealed the following … read more

Framework Organizer

Ive realized that I’m a visual representations kind of girl… more specifically I’m a big believer in visual organizers. Why? We’ve been provided a number of key and important frameworks that I want to be able to return to … read more

Screaming Goat

Initial Moodle Impressions

Okay, I’ll admit that my initial experience with the Moodle back-end creating a Moodle install and setting up a course from scratch was a bit frustrating. I did this on my own hosting provider/server with the idea that I’d … read more

Moodle Introductory Module

Moodle Introductory Module Assignment:
For this assignment you will create a Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) online course site  introductory module. Overall quality of work, as per the overall standards listed above. A significant component of your score on this

read more
Hijacking Moodle Layout

Hijacking the Moodle Layout

After my initial Moodle frustration, since part of my flightpath deals with exploring, pushing and manipulating LMS frameworks to do things that aren’t necessarily a ‘typical’ use scenario, I spent a little time hijacking the normal course layout.

read more

What Should Trihn Do?

Trinh’s committed to delivering learner-centred courses, whether taught F2F, online or blended. But this course – and its over 150 student enrolments – is challenging for her to manage. There are no resources for hiring a teaching assistant or another

read more

Ideating With Icons

TrinhThis week’s instructional design scenario kicked me into icon-ideation mode. In the spirit of nerdity I thought I’d share my approach:

This was a complex problem with multiple factors. I’ve been taught that whenever there’s a large or messy … read more


Synchronous & Asynchronous Communications

Since my Moodle course is a geared towards post-secondary students of design and dynamic media, I decided to add an activity that would fit with the curriculum I’ve been roughing in. The class is structured as an online companion … read more


Gaming is Serious Play

What is it about video games that’s so appealing? From a phenomenological standpoint I think primarily of the subjective experience. Even when playing an old game like Donkey Kong for example, engagement is created through the complete control a … read more

Simple Custom Moodle Theme

As a 565A course assignment I was given the opportunity to design various aspects of a course using closed access to Moodle hosted by UBC. This obviously limited the amount of control we had over our environment. To extend … read more

Demo Moodle Course

The link on this page will lead to a theoretical demo design course created in Moodle. It is created as a mockup of a post secondary type course inspired by my undergrad experience at ECU. The material featured is … read more

Is Striving for Balance Imbalanced?

Consider what Anderson means when he describes the attributes of learning in terms of being learner, knowledge-, assessment- and community-centred.

Figure 2-3 Educational Interactions (Anderson, 2008)

Figure 2-3 Educational Interactions (Anderson, 2008)

After reading several peer posts pertaining to the idea of practicing a … read more

Shifting from Consumer to Producer

There’s something powerful that occurs when people shift from being content consumers to content creators in the public sphere. Suddenly you’re the creator of intellectual property, you’re a digital citizen, and you have a responsibility and an accountability.

 … read more

Course design

Moodle Course Site

Course Site Assignment:

Create a Moodle online course site module and overall site components:

  • Overall quality of work, as per the overall standards listed above. A significant component of your score on this assignment relates to the caliber of your
read more

I is for Interaction

As a designer trying to gain a better pedagogical understanding to support both teaching and design, my response pulls to design practice. The Interactivity aspect of the Bates and Poole (2003) SECTIONS framework relates very heavily to what I … read more

Digital Story

Story Assignment:

A complex digital story, educational in nature, using one of a range social media. Your story must:

●  Meet the overall quality of work standards listed above
●  Be educational
●  Be a story–not a digital lesson or

read more

Crowd-sourcing in the 1800’s

So why look to the past to find insights towards moving forward with reading writing and literacy in the future? One example that’s interesting to think of is the development of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), a massive crowd-sourcing … read more

Subverting the Prescription

I really enjoyed the review of Daito Manabe’s work as it made novel and interesting parallels to my desire to connect post-secondary design with education technology. His work inevitably stimulates inquiry as he appears to represent the real and the … read more

Papyrus to Cyberspace & Perplexity

From Papyrus to cyberspace (1999) plunges into an interesting discussion between James O’Donnell and James Engell about the evolution of text technologies and their influence on reading, writing, knowledge and communication. Quickly made clear, is the idea that technology … read more

Littlebits Power Pitch

This week we were tasked with finding an educational product pitch that would draw the attention of our peers. Below is a pitch from Ayah Bdeir the designer of LittleBits. Peers were asked, trying on the shoes of the

read more

Founder/CEO Example

This week the class was tasked with finding a founder and CEO of a successful start-up based on a number of different VC criteria. The founder needed to have a strong relevant background, show initiative and the willingness to … read more

Text Storage – For Better or for Worse

If the desire for immortality is what motivates human information storage, and “the rate of digital obsolescence keeps accelerating” indefinitely as Brand suggests, then a loss of cultural memory certainly could “become the price of staying perfectly current.” (1999). … read more

Art, Culture, Identity & Representation

A response to viewing a three video vignette, the following short thought-paper identifies pedagogical approaches for culture, identity and representation in art.

[gview file=””]

Image source:… read more

OER on Code Education

A short group project about programming (code) education, created as an open education resource (OER) and submitted to the New Media Consortium (NMC). Interestingly our group’s initial OER submission generated the most lively discussion on code education (almost 200 posts) … read more

The Typewriter: Changes in Women’s Roles & Education

As a creative who’s studied object theory before, I really enjoyed my tangential dive into the history of the typewriter and it’s effect on women and women’s education. I had no idea that it had such a significant role … read more

Group Multimedia Project

Charged with the task of exploring one theme regarding the changing spaces of reading and writing, our group chose the common theme of losses and gains. These were apparent through most of the different readings posed and explored in … read more

VFS Digital Design. (2011). Typography: 'Caslon Pro Tells Story' by Karen Poon. [Image file]. Retrieved from Flickr

Aesthetics & Phenomenology of Print

(Hand to mechanized print)

The aesthetic shift in handcrafted text to that of printed text is of particular interest to me as a student of design. Bolter (2001) states that “each writing space is a material and visual field, … read more

Practice Pitch

The following practice pitch is a fictitious company and product conceived of in ETEC 522 to launch an educational product venture pitch for in a very short period of time.

Image source:  TEDx Somerville. (2011). TED-talks-Somerville-2012-0776. [Video file]. Retrieved from … read more

Short Pitch Skit

The video below is a partial ‘short’ or ‘explainer’ video created using a new service in development called Rawshorts. The product featured is a quick-concept conceived of for my final pitch to the Venture Capitalist (VC) pool of ETEC … read more