Designerly Methods

To link EdTech meaningfully with design, a framework is required. Most MET ePortfolios are organized through the use of a guiding metaphor (a teacherly method), I have chosen to integrate a designerly method of “pattern synthesis, rather than pattern recognition” (Cross, 2006).

The appropriate methods in each culture are:

  • in the sciences: controlled experiment, classification, analysis
  • in the humanities: analogy, metaphor, evaluation
  • in design: modelling, pattern-formation, synthesis

Current Goal & Future Goals

This method of synthesis not only maps my MET experience it embodies an integrative approach. Mapping my MET experience also provides a practice arena for future insights.

Design is a generative practice. Since technology continually evolves, and no two teaching and learning scenarios are ever the same, it follows that educational design must also be generative to remain relevant and effective.