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Ive realized that I’m a visual representations kind of girl… more specifically I’m a big believer in visual organizers. Why? We’ve been provided a number of key and important frameworks that I want to be able to return to (on an ongoing basis) to inform my decision-making processes. I realized that while I might remember how one aspect of a key framework can benefit my thinking, I can’t possibly remember everything. It’s neither accessible nor efficient to have to continually re-scan texts in order to identify which aspects fit or don’t, or why one framework might be of more use than another.


Basically I feel like these frameworks and their specifics get marooned in a text somewhere, so I’m trying a new approach this term. I started a Google spreadsheet with each framework in a tab/table and summarized the specifics beside it. This allows me to organize, to (hopefully) retain something in the process, and to create a quick reference that I can pick at and draw from. Each sheet/tab links to a copy of the full text notes so that I can re-read when I need to dive in deeper. This seems infinitely easier to keep myself organized and is working admirably for my ETEC 510 class. This week’s activity allowed me to test it, so my approach with it was a bit of a science experiment!


Here’s a peek at what I’ve got so far: (you can open the full document in a new window)

Image source:  James Niland. (2012). Eye to Eye with a crow’s eye. [Image file]. Retrieved from Flickr under CC by 2.0 license.

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