The art of Pinterest

Pinterest for Classes?

“Discuss the likelihood of you using a tool such as Pinterest in your classroom. What motivation might you have to use a tool such as this?”

From an arts/design classroom perspective, Pinterest is actually a good tool for creatives. It provides the unique opportunity for (visual) ethnographic research (as do other image-sharing platforms). People post things that give a lot away about their interests, personalities, hopes and aspirations which makes it a curious medium of expression.  A simple image search can also jump-start new ideas that my be lost in more directed processes of formal research.

Creating a quick concept board of visuals can help students collect and organize initial research ideas, or can be used as a way to reflect back later on the process of learning. This is a particularly useful tool for visual-spatial learners when collaborate on group concept boards. Group boards can also be used to create indexes of links to useful materials that aren’t represented well using boring, plain-text URL’s. Consider appropriating Pinterest boards to create visual link libraries. Who doesn’t appreciate a visual reference before reading?

Image source: Mkhmarketing. (2011). The Art of Pinterest. [Image File]. Retrieved from Flickr under CC by 2.0 license.

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