Research Question Practice

Writing good research questions takes practice

This week we were charged with the task of composing two very basic research questions. One area of interest for me is the development of new blended learning tools and platforms for students of art, design & dynamic media in post-secondary contexts. In my experience, typical LMS environments do not effectively support creative practice, or provide adequate tools or frameworks to do so.


With this in mind my two practice questions are:

  1. Does online replication or facilitation of studio processes increase students’ participation rates in online LMS activities?
  2. What existing technological tools and processes do students use to facilitate studio practice?


The first question is geared more towards testing a particular type of design whereas the second is geared more towards ethnographic research in finding which tools and processes students use in their natural study environment. My cohort and I will form new questions later in the semester as we begin to think about our research proposal and aims in greater depth.

Image source: JD Hancock. (2009). You Aren’t Here. [Image]. Retrieved from Flickr under CC by 2.0 License.

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