ETEC 511 Scholarly Essay

With mobile devices becoming a ubiquitous and commonplace occurrence they increasingly turn up in classrooms. Numerous policies have been implemented to regulate the possession and use of these devices and these policies vary by district and institutional level. Notably, There has been a disturbing increase in violent or emotionally volatile student-teacher incidents as a result of mobile phone confiscation and the resulting restrictive policies that has been the cause of much debate. Few discussions on this topic offer any genuine insight into why such emotional reactions are elicited by teens, and there is a clear need for an evaluation of the many factors contributing to these issues. The paper below provides a phenomenological exploration of two such notable factors along with an evaluation of how generational attitudes form, creating distinct lenses through which technologies (such as mobile phones) are viewed. The main topics are:

  1. The proximal mobile millennial
  2. The tethered emotional millennial
  3. The origins of mobile millennialhood
  4. The generation lens gap


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Image source:  Michele Ursino. (2012). Texting in NYC. [Image file]. Retrieved from Flickr under CC by SA 2.0.

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